Social Work

The Lad family is well known for its generosity and uplifting social awareness. They have always strived for the upliftment of the downtrodden and welfare of their fellowmen and society. This is witnessed by the fact that they have dug bore wells at their own cost to alleviate the suffering of the poor, when the people were struggling to face with the vagary of famine and huge drinking water shortage.

Mr. Lad has conducted Free Eye Camps, Blood Donation Camps in and around his village. He pays school fees for all students studying at Government Schools in Sandur Taluk. Effectively, no child has to pay anything for his/her education in his constituency. He has appointed around 160 Teachers to various schools and pays their salary out of his own pocket. He has donated huge amounts for setting up infrastructure for schools. He has realized that education is the edifice on which he can uplift the poor in the region. He also helps many deserving but less privileged students to complete their Medical, Engineering and Ph.D courses by paying for their tuition fees.

Every year, Mr. Lad conducts Mass Marriages for more than 1000 couples. To date, more than 6000 couples have benefited from Mr. Lad’s generosity. He has also been instrumental in the construction of many Temples and Mosques. The mass marriage was organised under the aegis of the S Lad Educational & Charitable Trust. In a year, nearly 1,100 couples would tie the knot.

On 3rd July 2013 all the pilgrims of Karnataka who were stranded due to flash floods, brought back safely by Mr.Santosh Lad & team.

Mr. Santosh Lad commended various stakeholders who have joined hands with the Government in helping the Karnataka Pilgrims who were stranded and affected by floods.

Mr. Santosh Lad on instructions of Chief Minister went to Uttrakhand along with cheque of Rs. 5 Crs to the Government of Uttrakhand for relief works on behalf of Government of Karnataka on 21st June 2013 and stayed there until last pilgrim of Karnataka was brought back to State safely.


Mass Marriages: Mass Marriages are conducted annually for the past 10 years at Bellary District, Dharwad District and Chitradurga District for poor and downtrodden. More than 10000 marriages have so far been conducted and it is one of the most popular annual activities of the region where there is an animated participation by people of all religions


He has formed Santosh Lad Education and Charitable Trust and under the aegis of the Trust, the following activities have been carried out for the benefit of poor and downtrodden people of the Kalghatgi constituency.

Provision of Free Computers in Schools and Colleges of the Constituency and Free Training : Computers have been provided to almost all the Schools in the region during last 4 years and professionally trained I.T. experts have been appointed to train the students at Computer Centre established by S.Lad Charitable Trust.


Under the aegis of S. Lad Charitable Trust, dilapidated school and college buildings were reconstructed and handed over to the concerned authorities.

Fees & Bus Passes – Provided Bus Passes, School/College Fees to more than 10000 students of the region. Teaching staff were provided to the schools paying salaries to the teachers wherever there is shortage of teaching staff.


Blood Donation : In Association with Local Hospitals, Blood Donation Camps are conducted annually to collect the blood and donate the same to the needy people in and around Kalghatgi constituency.

Eye-Camps: : With the help of Expert Ophthalmologists, eye-camps are conducted annually in several parts of the constituency.

Construction of Public Toilets : With a view to maintain hygiene, public toilets were constructed in the constituency for use by villagers.

Ambulance Vans : were specially designed and donated to the Hospitals of the region for the benefit of needy patients in emergency.

Medical Bill reimbursed to the Poor and Needy: Poor people who cannot afford to pay the hospital bills were provided with the medical reimbursement throughout the constituency.

Group Personal Accident Policy: Moved by the tragic incident of death of 7 persons belonging to constituency in the road accident, Mr. Lad felt for Group Personal Accident Policy Coverage required for all the persons of the constituency.
Accordingly Insurance coverage for all the people of the constituency (2, 00,000 Persons) were covered by this insurance scheme (National Insurance Company Ltd). This enables the family of the deceased to get Rs.1.5 lakh for men and Rs.50, 000 for women and children in event of death. The total sum insured isRs.1838.89 Crs.


Marginal farmers in the constituency have been drilled BORE WELLS on free of cost – So far about 6000 bore wells were dug for the last 5 years and expected to reach a target of more than 10000 bore wells. This has enabled the farmers to get water for their agriculture/horticultural activities.

Besides this, Bore wells have been dug and overhead tanks have been provided in all the villages and tandas for provision of safe drinking water.


TAILORING TRAINING FOR YOUNG WOMEN- With a view to enhance the earning by poor and down trodden young girls, tailoring training is provided periodically and nearly 100 sewing machines were gifted to the trained women to enable them to earn their livelihood.


Seven JCB machines are provided for the service of the farmers in the constituency. These machines are provided free of cost to:

      To level their lands,
      Make them fertile
      Soil Conservation
      Construction of drainage in the village
      Making of the proper road

Under S.Lad Charitable Trust, construction materials like Sand, Steel, Cement, and Wood were provided free-of-cost for those who owned sites but could not construct houses due to paucity of funds.


The Trust proved its secular principles by constructing free of cost, the Temples, Mosques and Churches in the region.


Santosh Lad has provided the farmers of the region with Transformers and the same were installed in the marginal farmers’ lands/rural electrification, so far around 20 Nos of Transformers of various capacities were installed.


To improve the crop yield, fertilizers and pesticides were provided to the marginal and poor farmers.


SPORTS – Annual Sports Meet is conducted to encourage the youth to demonstrate their talents. Encouragement prizes and sports materials are provided to the participants.

An organization with a vision to help people with talent in diverse areas in showcasing the talents of youth through community portal has been very active in the constituency


Hundreds of social organizations and communities are being helped by S.Lad Trust in carrying out their social work in the constituency. Here Mr. Lad is seen receiving Shri. Dalai Lama at Tibet Colony, Dharwad District. Helping hand was extended to Tibetans refugees.